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Parts, Tools, Accessories & Devices

iPad Parts
iPhone Parts
Samsung Parts
iPod Parts
LG Parts
CPO Phones
MacBook Parts
Google Parts

ReVamp Wholesale is the distribution arm of ReVamp Electronics LLC. This part of the company is focused on the distribution of wireless repair parts, pre-owned devices & accessories. Since the division's launch, the ReNū™ line of parts has been developed as well as our new flag-ship products, Simple Snap™ Screen Protectors and the Mahngo™ accessory line.  ReVamp also proudly distributes the entire Tessco accessory lineup.

We're not just another online wholesale supplier without a face.  We're REAL people.  And we love YOU, our customers.  Come visit our facilities in Chicago anytime, we love visitors!

meet the team

  • Anant Handa

    Anant Handa

    Founder & CEO

  • David Sharma

    David Sharma


  • Habib Baba

    Habib Baba


  • Ashley Handa

    Ashley Handa

    Director of Sales

  • Adam Kilbride

    Adam Kilbride


  • David Collazo

    David Collazo

    ReVerse Logistics Manager

  • Jamal King

    Jamal King

    Warehouse Associate

  • Pamela Coleman

    Pamela Coleman

    Warehouse Associate

  • Raven Athie

    Raven Athie

    Customer Relations

  • Pedro Casanova

    Pedro Casanova

    Graphic Designer

  • Sanjay Patel

    Sanjay Patel

    Lead Web Developer

  • Tim Nolan

    Tim Nolan

    Web Developer

  • Jacky Lee

    Jacky Lee

    Logistics Manager - Hong Kong

  • Sarah Yang

    Sarah Yang

    Logistics Manager - Shenzhen

  • Bill Hsu

    Bill Hsu

    Product Engineer

  • Sam Jadali

    Sam Jadali

    IT Engineer

  • Mia


    Team Spirit

  • Bodiel



From China to the USA

Our strong vendor relationships in China and Taiwan allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality repair parts in the world!